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Chinese new year{{}}

Last week saw Chinese New Year and China is increasingly being eyed by exporters. The Chinese economy is expected to grow to $8 trillion by 2022 - twice the growth predicted for America.

Although there are undoubted cultural and legal barriers to entry, a potential market that size is difficult to ignore. And, as with any market, with thorough research and planning there's no reason why you can't benefit from some of the good fortune to be had.

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Can social media help your business?

Can social media help your business? - Twitter graphic{{}}Social media has revolutionised the way businesses communicate. It has enabled small firms to widen their exposure and strengthen ties with customers. And, in many ways, it has levelled the online playing field for small businesses.

How social media marketing can help your business

Start-up stories

Rob and Paul Forkan – Gandys flip-flops{{}}

“We haven’t tried to ‘reinvent the wheel’ – just to create a great product and brand with a difference, one that donates some of its profits to desperately underprivileged children”

Rob Forkan of Gandys flip-flops

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